How to Set Caller Tune in Jio

How to Set Caller Tune in Jio

Setting a fun, unique caller tune is a great way to personalize your phone profile and surprise people calling you. When someone calls your number, they hear a song or melody you’ve set instead of the standard ringing tone, acting like your signature tune. Jio makes setting caller tunes super convenient for its users through the JioTunes service. With access to millions of songs and easy ways to change tunes on the fly, JioTunes integration is a big advantage of using Jio mobile services.

This guide will walk us through the ins and outs of managing caller tunes on Jio mobiles. Whether using a Jio prepaid or postpaid connection, you can spice up your calling experience and have a blast with customized, musical caller tunes. We will cover everything from understanding what JioTunes is, why caller tunes are useful, how to pick the perfect songs, and how to easily set and activate tunes on your Jio number within minutes.

With JioTunes, you can set the latest Bollywood, Tollywood, or Punjabi chartbuster hits in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and other languages. Or go for timeless classics, peppy IndiPop, or cool International tracks. We will explore the various JioTune pack options, choose the right song durations, manage your JioTunes playlist, and deactivate tunes. Whether you want to set tunes for fun or make branded tunes for business, our guide will show you how to master caller tunes on your Jio phone. Let’s get started exploring the fun world of JioTunes!

What is JioTunes?

What is JioTunes?

JioTunes is a caller ringback tone service provided exclusively for Reliance Jio users. It allows Jio mobile users to set songs from a huge catalog of millions of tracks as their caller tune. The catalog includes the latest Bollywood hits, devotional music, regional language songs, international hits, and much more.

JioTunes is available to all Jio prepaid and postpaid users. It provides unlimited downloads and unlimited song changes. Users can choose caller tunes daily, weekly, or monthly as preferred. The service is available across India on the Jio network.

JioTunes leverages Jio’s high-speed 4G network to provide a superior user experience for seamlessly setting and managing caller tunes. The service is accessible via the MyJio app, Jio website, and SMS.

Why Set a Caller Tune?

Here are some of the top reasons why you should set a caller tune on your Jio number:

  • Personalize your phone profile – A customized caller tune acts like your signature when someone calls you. It represents your personality.
  • Share your favorite music – Set a popular track or a favorite regional song as your caller tune to share your musical taste.
  • Set moods – Pick cheerful, romantic or meditative songs to set different moods for different times of day.
  • Highlight occasions – Create occasion-based caller tunes for festivals, birthdays, and anniversaries.
  • Brand your business – Set a branded caller tune with your company’s jingle or tagline.
  • Entertain callers – Surprise your callers with the latest chartbusters.
  • Try new songs – Discover and try new tracks as your caller tunes.

Benefits of Setting a Caller Tune

Here are some great benefits of using JioTunes and setting a customized caller tune:

  • Wide song catalog – Over millions of songs across Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Bhojpuri, Punjabi etc.
  • Latest releases – Get the latest hit songs as soon as they are released.
  • Ad-free experience – Enjoy ad-free playback of caller tunes.
  • Unlimited downloads – No limits on number of songs you can download.
  • Daily/weekly/monthly packs – Short validity period packs for changing tunes frequently.
  • Easy discovery – Discover and listen to top trending songs, playlists, and radio stations.
  • Personalization – Create favorites, get personalized recommendations, and listen to history.
  • Offline mode – Songs stay downloaded on your phone for offline listening.
  • Caller tune gifting – Gift a caller tune to your friends and family.
  • Share on social media – Share your tuned songs on social media platforms.
  • High audio quality – Get high-quality audio streaming even at low Internet speeds.

How to Set a Caller Tune in Jio

Jio makes setting a song as your caller tune very simple and convenient. There are three main methods:

  1. Using the MyJio app
  2. Using SMS
  3. Using the Jio website

Let’s look at each of these methods in detail:

Steps to Set a Caller Tune in Jio

Method 1: Using the MyJio App

The MyJio app provides the easiest way to set a caller tune on your Jio number. Follow these steps:

Using the MyJio App

Step 1: Download and install the MyJio app

Download the MyJio app from the Google Play Store if you use an Android phone or Apple App Store for iPhones. Please tap on the app icon to open it.

Step 2: Log in with your Jio number

Open the app and log in with your registered Jio mobile number. Tap on Continue and enter the OTP sent to your number.

Step 3: Tap on the JioTunes icon

On the MyJio home screen, scroll down and tap the JioTunes icon. This will open the JioTunes section.

Step 4: Browse or search songs

You can browse songs by genre, language, top charts, playlists, albums, radio etc. Or use the search bar to look for a specific song or artist.

Step 5: Tap on the song to set as caller tune

When you find the song you want to set, tap on it. This will open the song page.

Step 6: Tap on the “Set JioTune” button

On the song page, tap on the “Set JioTune” button. The app will prompt you to confirm your selection.

Step 7: Confirm your caller tune selection

Tap on Confirm to complete setting the song as your Jio caller tune. The new caller tune will be activated within a few minutes.

That’s it! These seven steps show how easy it is to set a caller tune in Jio using the MyJio app.

Method 2: Using SMS

You can also set a caller tune by sending an SMS from your Jio number. Follow these steps:



Steps to Set a Caller Tune in

Step 1: Type the song details

Type the first three words of the song you want to set as your caller tune.

For example, if you want to set “Believer” by Imagine Dragons, type:

Copy code

First things first

Step 2: Send SMS to 56789

Send the SMS to the Jio caller tune activation number – 56789.

Step 3: Receive a confirmation message

You will receive a confirmation SMS from Jio for your caller tune request.

Step 4: Reply 1 to confirm

Reply to the confirmation SMS with “1” to confirm and activate the caller tune.

That’s four easy steps to set a Jio caller tune using SMS. You will get a final confirmation when your caller tune is activated.

Method 3: Using the Jio Website

To set a caller tune on Jio using their website, follow these steps:

Using the Jio Website

Step 1: Go to

Open the Jio website by entering in your browser.

Step 2: Log in to your account

Click on MyJio Login on the top bar and log in with your Jio mobile number and OTP.

Step 3: Click on the JioTunes tab

On the MyJio account page, click on the JioTunes tab. This will open the JioTunes music portal.

Step 4: Browse or search for songs

You can browse songs by genre, albums, artists etc. Or use the search bar to find a specific song.

Step 5: Click on the song and “Set JioTune”

When you find the preferred song, click on it and then click the “Set JioTune” button.

Step 6: Confirm caller tune selection

Review the confirmation prompt and click “Confirm” to activate the caller tune.

This completes the process of setting a caller tune through the Jio website. You will get a confirmation message on activating the tune.

Tips for Choosing a Caller Tune

Here are some useful tips for choosing the right caller tune:

  • Pick a song you enjoy listening to frequently as your caller tune is played often.
  • Avoid very long songs so the caller does not have to wait too long on the line. Stick to under 1 minute.
  • Set a mild ringtone, as loud or jarring ringtones can irritate callers.
  • Don’t set songs with explicit lyrics or inappropriate content.
  • Try different songs for different occasions like festivals.
  • Change tunes periodically to keep surprising callers. But don’t change too frequently.
  • Select regional songs to highlight your linguistic identity.
  • Find songs that highlight your personality – romantic, cheerful, fun etc.

How to Deactivate a Caller Tune

When you want to disable your current caller tune and revert to the standard ringtone, follow these simple steps:

Using MyJio App:

  • Open MyJio app and go to JioTunes
  • Tap on Deactivate JioTune option

Using SMS:

  • Send SMS to 56789

Using Jio Website:

  • Go to JioTunes in your MyJio account
  • Click on Deactivate JioTune button

This will instantly deactivate your caller tune and stop it from playing for incoming calls.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1: How Much Does a Jio Caller Tune Cost?

A: JioTunes provides unlimited free caller tune sets. You only pay your regular prepaid or postpaid plan charges.

Q 2: Can I Set Caller Tunes on Any Jio Number?

A: Yes, JioTunes is available for all Jio prepaid and postpaid mobile users across India.

Q 3: How Long Does a Caller Tune Last?

A: You can set caller tunes for daily, weekly, or monthly duration. Tunee expires automatically after a set period.

Q 4: How Many Songs Can I Set as Caller Tune?

A: You can set unlimited songs from the JioTunes catalog as your caller tune.

Q 5: Can I Gift a Caller Tune?

A: JioTunes allows gifting caller tunes to your friends and family on special occasions.


Setting a caller tune in Jio is quick and simple. With the JioTunes catalog of millions of songs, you can find the perfect caller tune- the latest chartbuster or a favorite retro track. Using the MyJio app, SMS or website, you can set a new caller tune instantly. Refer to our guide above for the step-by-step process. Pick songs that represent your personality for a customized profile. Change tunes frequently if you like. You can deactivate tunes easily when required. Go ahead and set that favorite ditty as your Jio caller tune today!

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