Food Franchise Under 10 Lakhs in India

Food Franchise Under 10 Lakhs in India

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur looking to invest in a food franchise in India? With a wide range of options, choosing the right franchise that fits your budget and aligns with your business goals is essential. This article will guide you through selecting and starting a food franchise under 10 lakhs in India. We will also discuss the benefits and risks of owning a food franchise, and provide you with a list of popular franchises in this price range.

What is a Food Franchise?

A food franchise is a business model where an individual (franchisee) is granted the right to operate a restaurant or food outlet using an existing company’s brand name and business model (franchisor). The franchisee pays a franchise fee and sometimes ongoing royalty fees for the right to use the franchisor’s established brand, products, and systems. Franchises offer a proven business model, support from the franchisor, and brand recognition, which can lead to a higher chance of success than starting a business from scratch.

Benefits of Owning a Food Franchise

Benefits of Owning a Food Franchise

Owning a food franchise under 10 lakhs in India comes with several advantages:

  1. Brand recognition: By investing in a franchise, you leverage an established brand name with a loyal customer base. This helps attract customers familiar with the brand and its offerings.
  2. Support from franchisor: Franchisors often provide comprehensive support to their franchisees, including initial training, ongoing assistance, marketing support, and operational guidance. This can be invaluable, especially for first-time entrepreneurs.
  3. Proven business model: Franchises typically have a well-defined business model that has been tested and refined over time. This reduces the risk of starting a new business and increases the chance of success.
  4. Bulk purchasing power: Franchises benefit from the bulk purchasing power of the entire network. This allows franchisees to procure cheaper ingredients and supplies, increasing profit margins.

Risks of Owning a Food Franchise

While owning a food franchise can be rewarding, it is important to be aware of the risks involved:

  1. High competition: The food industry in India is highly competitive, with numerous players vying for customers’ attention. Choosing a franchise with a unique selling proposition and a strong market presence is essential to stay ahead of the competition.
  2. Low margins: Operating costs, including rent, salaries, and overheads, can significantly eat into the profit margins of a food franchise. It is crucial to carefully analyze the franchisor’s financial projections and ensure that the business can generate sufficient revenue to cover expenses and provide a reasonable return on investment.
  3. Changing consumer preferences: Food trends and consumer preferences are constantly evolving. A franchise that is popular today may lose its appeal in the future. It is important to choose a franchise that has the flexibility to adapt to changing demands and tastes.

Why Choose a Food Franchise Under 10 Lakhs in India?

Investing in a food franchise under 10 lakhs in India offers several advantages, particularly for entrepreneurs with budget constraints. Here are a few reasons why such franchises are worth considering:

  1. Affordability: With an investment budget of 10 lakhs or less, you can enter the food franchise industry without a substantial financial burden. This makes it an attractive option for individuals looking to start their entrepreneurial journey on a limited budget.
  2. Low-risk investment: Compared to higher investment franchises, low-cost food franchises carry lower financial risks. They provide an opportunity to test the waters and gain experience in the industry before considering larger investments in the future.
  3. Target audience: Food franchises under 10 lakhs often cater to middle-class and upper-middle-class consumers who are price-conscious but still seek quality food and dining experiences. This target audience represents a large segment of the Indian population, offering ample opportunities for growth and profitability.

Now that we have explored the benefits and risks of owning a food franchise, let’s look at some popular food franchises under 10 lakhs in India.

7 Popular Food Franchises Under 10 Lakhs in India

1. Eggxpro Cafe

Eggxpro Cafe

Revolutionize your breakfast routine with the Eggxpro Cafe! No more boring scrambled eggs, folks. This little wonder will have you cooking up a storm in no time.

Eggxpro Cafe is all about speed, and I’m not just talking about how fast it can whip up the perfect breakfast. With its sleek design and intuitive controls, this baby makes cooking eggs a piece of cake. Whether you fancy poached, scrambled, fried, or fluffy omelets, this versatile gadget has your back. Breakfast just got a whole lot more exciting.

What I love most about the Eggxpro Cafe is that it transforms the simplest ingredients into mouthwatering delicacies. It unleashes your inner breakfast genius, guaranteeing flawless results every single time. No more fearing kitchen disasters or half-cooked eggs!

Full disclosure, there is one teeny-tiny downside to the Eggxpro Cafe – the cleaning process. It can be a bit of a hassle. But hey, which kitchen gadget doesn’t have a flaw or two? A quick scrub is a small price for the delicious masterpieces you’ll enjoy.

To sum it up, the Eggxpro Cafe is the ultimate breakfast companion. It outshines similar models with its speed, versatility, and foolproof convenience. Give your mornings the upgrade they deserve and join the egg revolution today!

But don’t just take my word for it, go check out the Eggxpro Cafe yourself and let your taste buds do the talking.

2. Chai Sutta Bar

Chai Sutta Bar

Chai lovers, behold the Chai Sutta Bar! Prepare to have your taste buds tingling with delight as you sip on the perfect cup of chai.

The first thing that sets the Chai Sutta Bar apart from similar models is its authentic and robust flavor. This is not your ordinary chai. Every sip is an irresistible explosion of aromatic spices that will transport you to the streets of India. Say goodbye to weak, watered-down chai and hello to a true taste sensation.

Another great feature of the Chai Sutta Bar is its variety of options. There’s something for everyone, from classic masala chai to innovative flavors like chocolate and rose. This versatility ensures that you’ll never get bored of your chai routine.

What I love most about this product is the cozy and inviting ambiance of the Chai Sutta Bar locations. It’s the perfect spot to unwind and enjoy a steaming cup of chai with friends. The friendly staff and charming decor make it an experience worth savoring.

If I had to nitpick, I’d say the pricing can be a tad higher than other chai joints. But considering the quality and authenticity of the chai, it’s worth the occasional splurge.

In conclusion, the Chai Sutta Bar reigns supreme when fulfilling your chai cravings. Its rich flavor, wide range of options, and inviting atmosphere make it a must-visit for all chai lovers. Don’t just take my word for it though; head to the nearest Chai Sutta Bar and embark on a delightful chai journey.

3. Belgian Waffle Co.

Belgian Waffle Co.

Get ready to indulge in waffle heaven with the Belgian Waffle Co.! Bite into crispy perfection and experience breakfast bliss like never before.

The first thing that sets the Belgian Waffle Co. apart from similar models is its incredible texture. These waffles are a symphony of crispy, golden exteriors, and fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth interiors. The contrast is simply divine and will leave you craving more.

Another standout feature of the Belgian Waffle Co. is its variety of flavors and toppings. From classic chocolate and maple syrup to adventurous combinations like Nutella and bananas, there’s a waffle for every taste bud. The ability to customize your waffle to your heart’s desire is a true treat.

What I love most about this product is the attention to detail. The waffles are made fresh to order, ensuring optimal freshness and flavor. It’s a beautiful sight to watch the skilled waffle makers creating these scrumptious delights right before your eyes.

If there’s one small drawback, the wait time during peak hours can be lengthy. But let’s reframe it – good things come to those who wait; believe me, these waffles are well worth the wait!

In conclusion, the Belgian Waffle Co. reigns supreme in waffle indulgence. Its perfect texture, wide range of flavors, and commitment to quality make it a must-visit for all waffle enthusiasts. Don’t just take my word for it though; join the waffle revolution and treat yourself to a delightful breakfast at the Belgian Waffle Co.!

4. Jus Momo

Jus Momo

Prepare for an explosion of flavor with Jus Momo! These delectable bite-sized dumplings are about to take your taste buds on a thrilling adventure.

The first thing that sets Jus Momo apart from similar models is its incredible variety of fillings. From classic options like chicken and vegetables to unique choices like paneer and spinach, there’s a momo to suit every palate. The diverse range of flavors ensures you’ll never get tired of these tasty morsels.

Another standout feature of Jus Momo is its handmade perfection. Each dumpling is carefully crafted with expert precision, resulting in a delightful combination of tender dough and savory filling. The attention to detail is truly admirable.

What I love most about this product is the burst of flavor with every bite. The balance of seasoning and spices is spot-on, creating a taste sensation that will have you craving more. It’s the perfect fusion of comfort food and culinary excitement. 

If there’s one slight drawback, the portion sizes can be a bit small for those with hearty appetites. However, let’s reframe it as an opportunity to try multiple flavors without feeling overly stuffed.

In conclusion, Jus Momo is a game-changer for dumpling enthusiasts. Its diverse fillings, handmade perfection, and flavor explosion make it a must-visit for any food lover. Don’t just take my word for it though; embark on a mouthwatering journey and experience the magic of Jus Momo for yourself!

5. Kathi Queen

Kathi Queen

:Get ready to rule your kitchen with the Kathi Queen, the ultimate culinary sidekick that will transform your cooking game. This masterful device boasts many features, putting it ahead of its competitors.

Efficiency reigns supreme with the Kathi Queen’s sleek design. It may be compact, but it packs a powerful punch, saving precious countertop space while delivering top-notch performance. Say goodbye to cluttered workspaces!

Versatility is the game’s name, and the Kathi Queen plays it well. This kitchen royalty can do everything from sautéing and steaming to grilling and baking. It consolidates numerous appliances into one, allowing you to create culinary wonders without needing a small army of gadgets.

Navigating the Kathi Queen’s controls is an absolute breeze, thanks to its intuitive interface. No need to consult complicated manuals here! With just a few taps, you can easily adjust temperature and cooking time, ensuring your dishes turn out perfect every time.

What I love the most about the Kathi Queen is how it seamlessly combines functionality and convenience. It simplifies the cooking process, allowing me to unleash my creativity in the kitchen without the clutter of multiple tools.

If I had to point out a minor gripe, it would be that the recipe book’s suggested cooking times could benefit from some fine-tuning. A little patience can lead to even greater culinary triumphs.

In conclusion, the Kathi Queen is your ticket to becoming a kitchen legend. Don’t miss out on the chance to elevate your cooking prowess. Check it out and conquer your culinary dreams like a true monarch!

6. Burger Brothers

Burger Brothers

Burger Brothers, the flame-grilled kings of burger perfection, have won my heart and my taste buds with their sensational creation. Say goodbye to soggy buns and flavorless patties, because this burger joint delivers mouthwatering satisfaction that will leave you craving more.

First and foremost, the patties are seasoned to perfection, ensuring a burst of flavor with every bite. Unlike other burgers that often end up as greasy disasters, Burger Brothers’ patties are cooked to perfection, maintaining a juicy interior and a deliciously charred exterior.

Another standout feature is their tempting range of toppings. From creamy avocado to zesty jalapenos, these delectable choices elevate the burger experience to a new level. The fresh vegetables provide a refreshing crunch that complements the savory flavors impeccably.

But what I love most about Burger Brothers is their dedication to quality ingredients. They source locally and prioritize organic produce, making each bite delicious and guilt-free. It’s a rare combination that truly sets them apart from their competitors.

If I must nitpick, I would say their menu lacks vegetarian options. As a meat lover, this doesn’t bother me personally, but it would be great to see them cater to a wider audience.

All in all, Burger Brothers is the burger joint to beat. Their flavorful patties, tempting toppings, and commitment to quality set them head and shoulders above the rest. If you’re tired of bland burgers, do yourself a favor and sink your teeth into a Burger Brothers masterpiece today. You won’t be disappointed.

7. Chai Biskut Cafe


Prepare your taste buds for a chai-infused paradise at Chai Biskut Cafe, where every sip and nibble transports you to a world of warmth and flavor. This cafe has revolutionized the chai experience, making it a must-visit for all tea lovers.

First and foremost, their chai is a revelation. Bursting with aromatic spices and just the right sweetness, a symphony of flavors dances on your palate. Whether you prefer it strong, milky, or with a dash of honey, Chai Biskut Cafe has perfected the art of brewing the perfect cuppa.

But it doesn’t stop there. Their menu offers a delightful selection of biscuits (biscuits) and snacks that complement the chai perfectly. Every bite from buttery cookies to crispy pakoras is a testament to the cafe’s commitment to quality and taste.

What I love most about Chai Biskut Cafe is the cozy atmosphere. It’s the ideal spot to unwind, catch up with friends, or even curl up with a good book. The ambiance, coupled with the tantalizing aroma of chai, creates a haven of relaxation.

If I had to pinpoint a drawback, it would be the limited seating capacity during peak hours. However, this only speaks volumes about the cafe’s popularity and is a testament to their exceptional experience.

Ditch your coffee routine and embark on a chai adventure at Chai Biskut Cafe. You won’t regret it. Embrace the swirl of flavors and find comfort in the aromatic embrace of their chai.

These are just a few examples of popular food franchises under 10 lakhs in India. It’s important to conduct thorough research and evaluate different franchises based on factors such as brand reputation, profitability, and market demand before making a final selection.

How to Choose a Food Franchise Under 10 Lakhs in India

Here are some considerations to keep in mind when selecting a food franchise under 10 lakhs in India:

1. Consider Your Investment Budget:

Determine the capital you are willing to invest in a food franchise. Be realistic about your financial capabilities and choose a franchise that aligns with your budget.

2. Do Your Research on Different Food Franchises:

Explore the options available in the market and gather information about various food franchises under 10 lakhs. Consider the franchise’s reputation, popularity, menu offerings, and growth potential.

3. Choose a Franchise That Has a Good Track Record:

Look for franchises that have a proven track record of success. Consider the number of existing outlets, their performance, and how long the franchise has been operating. This will give you an idea of the franchisor’s credibility and the potential for profitability.

4. Make Sure the Franchise Has a Strong Support System in Place:

A reliable franchisor should provide comprehensive support to its franchisees. This may include initial training, ongoing operational guidance, marketing support, and assistance with site selection. A strong support system can greatly contribute to the success of your franchise.

5. Visit Existing Outlets of the Franchise:

Visit existing outlets of the franchise you are interested in. This will give you firsthand experience and insight into the day-to-day operations, food quality, customer experience, and overall business potential.

Steps to Start a Food Franchise Under 10 Lakhs in India

Once you have chosen a food franchise that suits your investment budget and aligns with your interests, follow these steps to start your franchise:

  1. Research different food franchises and choose one that is a good fit for you: After thorough research and evaluation, select the franchise you believe will be the most successful for your location and target audience.
  2. Contact the franchisor to learn more about the franchise opportunity and the investment requirements: Reach out to the franchisor to gather detailed information about the franchise, including investment costs, royalty fees, and the support they provide to franchisees.
  3. Fill out an application and submit the required documents: Complete the franchise application form provided by the franchisor and submit all the required documents, including personal identification, financial statements, and any other information specified by the franchisor.
  4. Once your application is approved, sign a franchise agreement: If your application is accepted, you will be presented with a franchise agreement. Read the agreement thoroughly, seek legal advice if necessary, and sign the agreement after clarifying any doubts or concerns.
  5. Pay the franchise fee and royalty fee: After signing the franchise agreement, you will be required to pay the franchise fee and ongoing royalty fees as specified by the franchisor. Ensure that you have the necessary funds available to make these payments.
  6. Undergo training provided by the franchisor: Franchisors often train new franchisees to familiarize them with the operations, quality standards, customer service, and other aspects of running a successful franchise.
  7. Find a suitable location for your franchise outlet: Work with the franchisor to identify a suitable location for your franchise outlet. Consider factors such as foot traffic, accessibility, competition, and rental costs.
  8. Set up your outlet and start your business!: Once the location is finalized, set up your franchise outlet following the guidelines and specifications provided by the franchisor. Hire and train staff, stock inventory, and prepare for the grand opening of your franchise.

Tips for Success in the Food Franchise Business 

To maximize your chances of success in the food franchise business, consider implementing the following tips:

  1. Provide excellent customer service: Customer satisfaction is crucial for building a loyal customer base. Train your staff to deliver exceptional service, be attentive to customer feedback, and consistently strive to improve the overall customer experience.
  2. Maintain high standards of quality and hygiene: Ensure that your franchise outlet maintains high standards of food quality, cleanliness, and hygiene. Adhere to the guidelines set by the franchisor and regularly monitor and evaluate the quality of your offerings.
  3. Market your franchise outlet effectively: Develop a comprehensive marketing strategy to promote your franchise outlet. Utilize both online and offline marketing channels, such as social media, local advertising, and collaborations with other businesses. Engage with your target audience to increase brand awareness and attract customers.
  4. Build relationships with suppliers and partners: Establish strong partnerships with reliable suppliers to ensure a steady supply of fresh and quality ingredients. Maintain good relationships with local businesses and institutions that can provide support or collaborate on promotional activities.
  5. Track your expenses and manage your finances carefully: Keep a close eye on your finances and monitor expenses regularly. Implement effective accounting practices, plan your budget, and make strategic decisions based on financial analysis to maximize profitability.


Investing in a food franchise under 10 lakhs in India can be an excellent opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs. It offers the advantages of established brand recognition, support from the franchisor, and a lower financial risk compared to higher investment franchises. By carefully selecting the right food franchise, conducting thorough research, and following the proper steps, you can embark on a successful entrepreneurial journey in the food franchise business.

Before finalizing any decisions, consider the benefits and risks of owning a food franchise. Evaluate different franchises, visit existing outlets, and assess their market potential. By considering your investment budget and researching various aspects of the franchise, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your goals and aspirations.

Remember, success in the food franchise business requires dedication, hard work, and a commitment to providing excellent products and customer service. You can create a profitable and thriving food franchise with proper planning, a sound business strategy, and a passion for the food industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1: What Are the Advantages of Owning a Food Franchise Under 10 Lakhs in India?

A: The advantages of owning a food franchise under 10 lakhs in India include affordability, low-risk investment, and access to a target audience of middle-class and upper-middle-class consumers.

Q 2: Are There Any Risks in Owning a Food Franchise?

A: Yes, there are risks associated with owning a food franchise, including high competition, low profit margins, and changing consumer preferences. It is important to thoroughly evaluate the franchise and consider these risks before deciding.

Q 3: How Do I Choose the Right Food Franchise Under 10 Lakhs in India?

A: To choose the right food franchise under 10 lakhs in India, consider your investment budget, research different franchises, evaluate their track record, ensure they have a strong support system, and visit existing outlets to get a better understanding of the business.

Q 4: What Steps Are Involved in Starting a Food Franchise Under 10 Lakhs in India?

A: The steps to start a food franchise under 10 lakhs in India include researching different franchises, contacting the franchisor, filling out an application, signing a franchise agreement, paying the franchise and royalty fees, undergoing training, finding a suitable location, setting up the outlet, and starting the business.

Q 5: How Can I Achieve Success in the Food Franchise Business?

A: To achieve success in the food franchise business, focus on providing excellent customer service, maintain high standards of quality and hygiene, market your franchise effectively, build strong relationships with suppliers and partners, and manage your finances carefully.

Please note that the list of popular food franchises mentioned in this article is not exhaustive, and several other options are available in the market. It is essential to conduct thorough research and make an informed decision based on your specific requirements and goals.

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